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Windy Welly Girls

Welcome to Welly Girl!

My name is Masako Styles and I am the artist and director of Welly Girl.  
Welly Girl (or Windy Welly Girl) was originally just a piece of illustration made by me around 2016. When I first moved to Wellington, I was shocked by its windiness (Car door slamming on my butt, wheelie bins blown and fallen down in the middle of street, and there was news about trampoline flying in the air…), at the same time, I was fascinated and inspired by it as an artist and had an urge to create something about the windiness. That is how the first Windy Welly Girl illustration was created. It has become a series and there are over 14 of them (including Windy Welly Boys) now and it has been continuing to grow.   

I also love drawing plants. I was amazed how it is full of beautiful greens here in New Zealand. I used to live in South California which, unlike here, is pretty much always full of sunshine. I enjoyed living there but I am definitely appreciating the change scenery here. Even though I am looking at the same view from the same house, the landscape can look completely different depending on the weather and time. It is amazing and never gets boring!

You might also find artwork / products that are related to Japan / Japanese culture as I am originally from Japan.

Our Products

We have a range of products based off Windy Welly Girl series and other illustration and artwork. We now offer personalised products which customers can add a custom name on their favourite Welly Girl / Boy illustration mugs and T-shirts. It would be a great gift to your beloved Welly girls/boys or anyone who might like Welly Girl products.

Personalised Windy Welly Girl - Red Boots- Mug

The products you can find here will be made on demand. They will be produced and shipped from different countries (including New Zealand ) in the world. The fulfilment location is determined by the customer’s shipping address and the cost is only 9.50NZD worldwide or FREE when you order $100 or more. 

We also have a New Zealand based website / online store (https://www.wellygirl.co.nz/).